I’m in Japan, I’m in Japan.

I don’t know if I’m dreaming or not but I finally arrived in Japan. After 26 hours, door to door, I’m in Japan. We can argue about teleportation but I have the feeling that I’ve used a teleporter. Yesterday I was in Villars-sur-Ollon, today I’m in Hirafu.

My First feeling : everything seems to be the same. An airport looks like an airport everywhere in the world. For instance, luggages are coming out the same way, the controls are the sames except that here everything is done smoothly. Kindness is not only a word in Japan, it’s a way of life, it’s a must. Even if we do not understand each other, we are looking at each other and try to do our best.

The best thing is that people are smiling. EVERYBODY is smiling.

Even if it took me a long time to get my visa, once I’ve arrived here it was very quick. I showed my passport, my certificate of eligibility and 10 minutes later I had my japanese ID. In fact it was a few minutes of waiting in a room and it was done.

My second feeling is that I cannot read. It’s obvious: everything is in Japanese. The main information is translated to English but you are abroad in a new world. Therefore, even finding the train and buying a ticket makes me struggle. Everything is automated and in English but it does not work. 1 So let’s go to pay in cash. It’s the cash country. We will discuss that later.

Once again it’s the kindness of the japanese people that comes above everything. A steward comes to help without knowing a single word in English but with signs and body languages he leaded me to the right train. Even if we don’t speak the same language we managed to understand each other.

It’s time to take the train that leads me to new professional challenge and personal adventures. I still cannot believe but…

I’m in Japan, guys. I mean, really, I’M IN JAPAN.

  1. I’ve learnt later that you have to tell at the beginning that you’ll pay with your card and it switches to… Japanese.

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